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Dedicated benefits attorney serving Georgia for more than three decades.

A long-term absence from work due to a physical limitation can have devastating financial consequences. For many families, benefits provided by Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are critically important. Unfortunately, initial filings are rejected more often than not, putting people who cannot work in a difficult position. For more than 30 years, Jeffrey S. Bowman in Augusta has delivered strong, knowledgeable counsel to Georgia clients. I can quickly assess your potential SSDI claim and press for a favorable result during an initial filing or appeal.

Thorough advocate advises on SSDI eligibility requirements.

From your first meeting, I will devise a plan to aggressively pursue the SSDI benefits you have earned. Should you have questions about the application process, I can explain issues such as:

  • Work credits – SSDI is not an entitlement but an insurance program available to those who have qualified by working and paying Social Security taxes for a sufficient period of time. Typically, someone who is 31 or older accrues enough work credits to qualify for benefits if they have been employed for five of the previous 10 years. If you have a question regarding your eligibility, I can go over your work history and assess whether you can obtain benefits.
  • Disability of at least 12 months – To collect SSDI payments, you must have a confirmed medical condition that you expect will prevent you from performing substantial gainful activity for at least 12 months. Should you be able to work on a limited basis, your income cannot exceed a set amount, which is $1,260 a month in 2020.
  • Available benefits – The amount of your benefit payment is based on the amount of applicable taxes you’ve paid over the years. Once your claim is approved, payments start in the sixth month following the disability.
  • Appeals of denied claims – Many worthy claims are initially denied by the Social Security Administration. However, effective legal support can increase the likelihood of a reversal. In some instances, additional evidence can be provided during the reconsideration process, leading to an award. After that, I can represent you before an administrative law judge at the Office of Disability and Adjudication Review. It can take more than a year for this hearing to be conducted.

Regardless of their particular medical conditions, I fight for my clients in SSDI actions as well as any personal injury or workers’ compensation actions that might also be warranted.

Legal counselor outlines Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is another government program available to some disabled individuals. Though both programs are administered by the Social Security Administration, there are significant differences between SSDI and SSI. Individuals who are disabled, elderly or blind may apply for SSI if they are unable to meet their basic financial needs. SSDI, by contrast, can be collected no matter how wealthy a disabled claimant may be, as long as he or she has accrued the necessary work credits. SSI is not insurance, so someone who satisfies the program’s eligibility requirements can receive payments regardless of whether they have ever worked or paid taxes. My firm reviews each client’s overall situation and advises if applying for SSI is warranted.

Contact, Jeff Bowman, a proven Georgia social security disability lawyer for a free consultation.

Jeffrey S. Bowman advises Georgia clients on Social Security Disability Insurance rules and provides representation in proceedings to secure appropriate benefits. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call 706-724-0815 or contact me online. My office is in Augusta.

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