Medical Malpractice

Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Georgia Assists Victims

August attorney fights for compensation after a doctor or hospital error.

We rely on doctors, nurses and hospitals to heal us during times of injury and illness, but mistakes that occur during diagnosis and treatment could make your existing condition much worse. Jeffrey S. Bowman in Augusta advocates on behalf of Georgia victims of medical malpractice. Regardless of whether your claim stems from an incorrect diagnosis, surgical error or some other violation of professional standards, I will press to hold the negligent doctors and caregivers accountable by securing a fair financial recovery.

Thorough firm handles cases involving misdiagnosis and surgical mistakes.

Having served clients in this area for more than 30 years, I can explain the pertinent laws and handle the complex evidence in malpractice matters relating to problems such as:

  • Misdiagnosis – When symptoms aren’t properly recognized or investigated in a timely manner, permanent or even fatal harm can occur. In bringing misdiagnosis claims, my firm carefully outlines how the healthcare provider’s failure caused unnecessary harm.
  • Surgical errors – During an operation, a patient isn’t aware that a surgical error has occurred. When unexpected complications arise after surgery, I work with experts to determine if medical negligence is to blame.
  • Equipment misuse – Whether using sophisticated medical technology or the simplest of instruments, doctors and nurses need to employ safe practices. Should you suffer harm because equipment was faulty or misused, my firm will take action against the liable parties.
  • Prescription errors – Pharmaceuticals can be dangerous when they are prescribed inappropriately. My firm assists people who have endured additional medical problems due to incorrect dosages or inadequate warnings about risky drug interactions.

In most medical malpractice cases, individuals have two years from the date the injury was discovered to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations drops to one year in matters where foreign objects were inadvertently left in the body during surgery. Regardless of the discovery date, no medical malpractice claim can be filed more than five years after the date the alleged injury occurred. These strict deadlines require victims to assert their rights promptly to avoid losing their chance for financial compensation. Even if you are unsure whether a cause of action exists, I will assess the facts in your case and detail your options.

Knowledgeable adviser outlines the expert affidavit requirement

Medical malpractice lawsuits, unlike other types of personal injury cases, require plaintiffs to include with their complaint an expert’s affidavit stating that the defendant healthcare provider deviated from professional standards. I consult with qualified doctors to provide the strongest possible support for your allegations, so that I can pursue maximum reimbursement for medical costs, lost income and other damages that you’ve suffered. In Georgia, there is no cap on noneconomic damages, which means victims are allowed to collect whatever compensation is appropriate to address such harm as pain and suffering, disfigurement and diminished enjoyment of life.

Accomplished litigator seeks relief for families after birth injuries occur

During childbirth, doctors, nurses and hospitals must take utmost care to avoid problems that could trigger long-term consequences for the infant and his or her parents. Unfortunately, failure to monitor oxygen levels, misuse of instruments or excessive force can lead to a significant birth injury. In cases involving cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injuries and other severe harm associated with the delivery process, my firm investigates where the problem occurred and works vigorously to bring financial relief to the family.

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Jeffrey S. Bowman represents Georgia clients who have been harmed by medical malpractice. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call 706-724-0815 or contact me online. My office is in Augusta.

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