Experienced Injury Lawyer in Augusta, GA Fights for Victims

If you’ve been hurt on the job, injured due to someone else’s carelessness or denied the disability benefits you’re entitled to, obtaining proper compensation is essential to your well-being. Hiring a proven, aggressive Georgia lawyer will help you tackle the obstacles that often stand in the way between injured people and the payment they deserve.

I am Jeffrey S. Bowman, an accomplished litigator in Augusta who assists area individuals in personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, criminal defense, and Social Security Disability cases. In courtrooms and conference rooms, my firm strives to improve the lives of people suffering from serious medical conditions.

Dedicated attorney handles workers’ compensation and disability matters

Since 1990, my firm has built a track record of successful outcomes, earning respect and referrals from colleagues and former clients. Each person I represent benefits from my:

  • Aggressive advocacy – Whether your case is resolved through negotiation or litigation, I don’t back down when asserting your rights.
  • Compassionate guidance – A significant injury disrupts your life in many ways. As I work to achieve the best possible result for you, I don’t forget the emotional burden that many victims bear.
  • Personalized approach – No matter the type of case or the amount of relief you seek, I represent you personally every step of the way. You never have to worry about your case being passed to someone who is not qualified or wonder about who will answer your questions.

Regardless of the complexity of your legal concern, my familiarity with the pertinent laws and local courts gives my clients an advantage when evaluating their legal options.

Tenacious advocate litigates cases involving auto accidents and falls

In Augusta and the surrounding areas, my firm takes on cases relating to:

  • Personal injury – For various personal injury matters, including slip and fall claims and other premises liability matters, you can rely on me to provide tenacious representation.
  • Auto accidents – I assist auto accident victims as well as individuals who have been hurt in crashes involving trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. My firm answers questions clearly and has the ability to handle special circumstances, such as cases stemming from ride sharing accidents.
  • Social Security Disability – Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits can be a challenge even when you seem to satisfy all of the government’s eligibility requirements. If your claim has been denied or you’re unsure about which conditions are covered, I can help.
  • Workers’ compensation – My firm offers comprehensive counsel to claimants on workers’ compensation issues, aggressively pursuing benefits and advising on such concerns as whether you can receive treatment from your own doctor.
  • Construction accidents – I investigate construction accidents to pinpoint the parties responsible. From there, my firm takes action to secure payment for injured workers.
  • Medical malpractice – When a mistake occurs during diagnosis, surgery or some other aspect of health care, my firm advocates for injured patients and their loved ones in medical malpractice litigation.

Whatever type of legal relief you seek, I will prepare a detailed strategy designed to achieve your objectives as quickly and satisfactorily as possible.

Speak with Jeffrey Bowman, a proven Georgia injury lawyer, in a free consultation.

Jeffrey S. Bowman represents Georgia clients in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and Social Security Disability actions. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call 706-724-0815 or contact me online. My office is in Augusta.

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